Defined Sleep News

calendar_today 2024-05-10

Defined Sleep’s research team will present evidence-based sleep hygiene strategies to improve mental well-being at the APA 2024 conference.

calendar_today 2024-05-07
Defined Sleep is proud to announce its upcoming participation in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2024 Annual meeting from May 4-8, 2024.

calendar_today 2023-06-21
A recent clinical trial has shed new light on the potential of CBD in addressing insomnia and improving sleep quality.

calendar_today 2023-06-08

Results show promising advances in slow wave (deep) and REM sleep, Defined Research has developed a 100% plant-based supplement that provides relief for those suffering from severe insomnia.

calendar_today 2023-05-01
The New York Times recently published the article, "Does CBD Help With Insomnia" So what was the take-home message? Simply put, that more research in humans is desperately needed.