About Us

Our company was founded by scientists on a compassionate belief: healthcare products should live up to their claims.

It's the only way consumers can trust what's in the bottle – and the only way physicians can trust what they recommend to their patients.

We believe in CBD's promise as a therapy for a variety of human conditions, and we're committed to developing & testing our products to the highest clinical standards.

Creating a truly effective healthcare product takes time and patience. We spent three years formulating Defined Sleep. Its combination of CBD and eight carefully selected plant-molecules, called terpenes, supports a deep, restorative sleep unlike any other product.

Clinical Trials
All of our products undergo testing in human clinical trials – a standard no other company in our industry has achieved. Our pioneering, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, crossover investigational study tested Defined Sleep's physiological effect in people with insomnia. 

Peer Review
Each of our products is required to undergo rigorous peer review by respected scientific journals. It's the highest form of validation that our products are effective and live up to our claims.

Sleep & Beyond

Creating a solution for insomnia is just the first step in our scientific exploration of CBD’s wellness capabilities. We’re committed to discovering CBD formulas that provide valid pharmaceutical alternatives for a wide range of chronic human conditions. In addition to insomnia, we believe CBD promises substantial therapeutic benefits for anxiety, pain, arousal, inflammation and more. These will be the focus of our journey as we continue to expand our science.