Science & Humanity

Defined Research was founded by scientists on a compassionate belief: healthcare supplements should live up to their claims.

It's the only way consumers can trust what's in the bottle – and the only way physicians can trust what they recommend to their patients.

We believe in CBD's promise as a therapy for a variety of human conditions, and we're the only company committed to developing & testing our products to the hightest clinical standards.

  • Research

    Creating a truly effective healthcare product takes time and patience. We spent three years formulating Defined Sleep. Its combination of CBD and eight carefully selected plant-molecules, called terpenes, supports a deep, restorative sleep unlike any other product.

  • Clinical Trials

    All of our products undergo testing in human clinical trials – a standard no other company in our industry has achieved. Our pioneering, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, crossover investigational study tested Defined Sleep's physiological effect in people with insomnia. The results of this exciting study have been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

  • Future Therapies

    Beyond insomnia, we believe CBD has the vast potential to provide relief from an array of conditions including, inflammation, pain, autism – and others. As we continue to develop new therapies, our promise is to subject them each to the rigorous research and human clinical studies that shaped the Defined Sleep experience.

  • Nephi Stella, Ph.D.

    • Professor University of Washington
    • Founder: Stella Therapeutics
    • Discovered second endogenous cannabinoid (2-AG)
    • Thought leader in cannabinoid science (>60 cannabinoid publications)
  • David Housman, Ph.D.

    • Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Founder: Genzyme Genetics (Sanofi), Integrated Genetics, Variagenics, Somatix Therapy Corp.
    • Member, National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine
  • Anne Young, M.D./Ph.D.

    • Professor Emeritus Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Chair Emeritus, Harvard Neurology
    • Former President, Society for Neuroscience & American Neurological Association
    • Member, Institute of Medicine
  • John Clark, Ph.D.

    • Professor University of Washington
    • Founder: Oculon
    • Former President, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
    • Thought leader in aging on the eye
  • Paul Muchowski, Ph.D.

    • Ph.D. Biological Structure University of Washington
    • Post-doctoral training Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry
    • Professor University of Washington and University of California San Francisco
    • Neuroscience drug discovery (Soteria Therapeutics and Teva Pharmaceuticals)
    • Published >60 highly cited research studies
    • Holds numerous patents
    • Chair Emeritus of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association